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Students should log into Clever for easy access to curricular programs and resources.
Log into Clever HERE. (Students should log into Clever using their user name which is their student number. The password is Eu-studentnumber.)
From the Google website, students can log in using their EUSD log in information:
4th Grade
User ID =
Password = Eu-StudentID#
5th Grade
User ID =
Password = Eu-StudentID#
6th Grade
User ID =
Password = Eu-StudentID#
Pearson Math
4th and 5th Grade students and parents can log in to our math textbook from home.
Click on the Sign In link at the top of the page.
Username:  eusdStudentID#
Password:  Eu-Student ID#
Username:  eusd12345
Password:: Eu-12345
Carnegie Math/MathiaX
6th grade students can access Carnegie Learning Online from home as well. 
Username: eusdstudentID#
Password: Eu-StudentID#
Username: eusd12345
Password: Eu-12345

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