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A lady in a classroom with text at the bottom that says "Excelsior School Weekly Wisdom"
The Weekly Wisdom is a weekly message to our students and staff to to help us learn, develop and practice positive behavioral skills and character traits. The information in the videos varies each week with a variety of topics about how to be a well-mannered, responsible person, ways to be successful at school, and how to be a good friend to others.

The Weekly Wisdom videos are shared with all students each Monday and are often shared to our school Facebook page. We encourage parents to view the videos too so that they can discuss them with their students.
Below are some of our past Weekly Wisdom videos:

Introduction and Please and Thank You
Making New Friends
T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak
Giving Compliments
Being a Good Sport
Kindness Rocks
Ways to be Kind
Be an Upstander!
The Buddy Bench
Taking a Stand Against Bullying
Wonder Field Trip!
Helping Others During the Holidays
Stopping Rumors and Gossip
Our Wonder Precepts
Happy Holidays!
Coping with Anger
Kindness Week
Avoiding Procrastination
Disagreeing Respectfully
Kindness Essay Winners
Keeping Excelsior Clean
School Safety
Getting Help at School
Campus Safety
Be the Nice Kid!
Exercising Self Control 
Coping with Anxiety
State Testing Reminders
Staff Appreciation
Helping Others
Change the World
Playground Equipment
Happy Summer!