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Social and Emotional Learning

Excelsior School strongly believes that the social and emotional health of our students is paramount to their success as students and as individuals. Our staff is focused on providing opportunities for students to develop positive skills and strategies to support their physical, emotional and mental health. We strive to make Excelsior School a safe and caring environment for all students!
Students working in a garden.
Students learning in the outdoors.
Student and principal with a poster about kindness.
Chalk art.
Students in an assembly.
Students working together.
Students reading on the field.
Students with the school counselor.
Social and Emotional Learning Program Highlights

Social and Emotional Learning Program Highlights

The physical, social and emotional health of our students is a priority for everyone at Excelsior School. Below are some of the ways we encourage positive social and emotional learning for our students, staff and families. 
  • The Weekly Wisdom - Each week the school principal and school counselor produce a video message for our students called the “Weekly Wisdom”. The Weekly Wisdom videos are designed to help us learn, develop and practice positive behavioral skills and character traits. The information in the videos varies each week, covering a variety of topics about how to be a well-mannered, responsible person, ways to be successful at school, and how to take care of ourselves and others.

  • Kindness Committee - Students have the opportunity to spread kindness by participating in the campus Kindness Committee facilitated by the school counselor. 

  • In Focus - Students at all grade levels participate in lessons from the In Focus curriculum. Grade level teachers select lessons that help our students develop new skills and continue their social and emotional growth. 

  • School-wide Assemblies - All students participate in school-wide assemblies about topics related to their social and emotional growth (ie. anti-bullying, mindfulness, active listening, compassion and tolerance).

  • School-wide Book Activities - Each year a book is selected and read by each class in the school (ie. WishtreeWonder). Books are selected to align with school-wide goals related to kindness and compassion for others. 

  • 6th Grade Mental Health Awareness Classes - All  6th grade students participate in a class led by the school counselor which covers topics related to mental health and student awareness.

  • Lunch Bunch - Student friendship groups are held at lunchtime and provide students with a structured opportunity to practice friendship and social skills.

  • Counseling - The school counselor provides 1:1 and group counseling services to students with identified needs. 

  • Behavior Intervention - The principal, counselor and classroom teachers work together to provide a positive learning environment for all students and to provide appropriate behavioral supports for students who may need additional encouragement.

  • Support Services Team Meetings - Specialist staff who support students with special needs meet weekly to discuss and address concerns related to individual students.