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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) Education at Excelsior

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) Education at Excelsior

The 4th, 5th and 6th grade students at Excelsior are exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math across their curricular program. Many of our grade level Challenge 21 units also incorporate STEAM concepts and provide opportunities for our students to apply their learning in creative ways.  

STEAM Program Highlights

STEAM Program Highlights

  • Creativity and Innovation Lab - Excelsior students have access to the “Creativity and Innovation Lab” during recesses and with their classes. The Creativity and Innovation Lab is a STEAM lab that provides endless options for students to explore and create. Students in the C&I lab can be seen building marble runs or electric circuits, programming Dash robots, creating beautiful artwork, knitting, and/or using Scratch to learn coding. 

  • Virtual Reality - Using virtual reality goggles, our Excelsior students are able to take virtual field trips which enhance the grade level curricular experience. Using Google Expeditions, Excelsior students are able to travel to far-off places, experience ocean life, and explore the inner workings of human body systems.  

  • Music Instruction/Choir/Band - Excelsior students have access to high-quality music instruction through weekly classroom music, and before-school choir. Many of our students also learn to play a musical instrument by participating in our beginning or advanced band programs. 

  • Math Problem Solving - Excelsior students and teachers utilize the Inside Mathematics “Problems of the Month” as an opportunity for students to solve complex math problems collaboratively. 

  • Engineering - 4th and 5th grade students are exposed to engineering concepts through Mystery Science and Engineering is Elementary units. Students build roller coasters to learn about energy and motion, and design and test simple circuits. 

  • STEAM Projects - 6th grade students complete a STEAM project each year. Students have choice in determining their project and may design a reverse engineering project, a Rube Goldberg project, or a scientific exploration project. Typically several of our Excelsior students participate in the annual Placer County STEM Expo. 

  • Field Trips - 4th and 5th grade students experience field trips at the Roseville Utility Exploration Center where they learn about the science of Recology.

  • EarthQuest - Our 6th grade students participate in a variety of environmental and outdoor education activities focused during their Spring trimester that support the grade level standards. All students are invited to an EarthQuest kick-off evening program that includes a BBQ (provided by our EXPTC), songs, and dancing. Several EarthQuest field trips have been selected to provide enriching field experiences for our students. Students attend field trips to Effie Yeaw Nature Center, the Museum of Science and Curiosity, Quarry Park Adventures, and the CSUS Aquatic Center. 
  • Drama Club - Many of our students learn about the performing arts by participating in our after-school enrichment Drama Club. 

  • Student and Classroom Technology - Each student at Excelsior is provided a Chromebook and a Google account so that they can easily access digital tools that enhance the adopted curriculum. Many of our adopted programs include technology-enhanced components. Technology is used by students as they research, analyze, organize, evaluate and present information. Students also use available technology for modeling in mathematics and science.