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Excelsior School - a California Gold Ribbon School - an eagle head in the center of the logo
Our School

Our School

Excelsior School has been recognized by the state of California as a Gold Ribbon School and a Title 1 Academic Achievement Award School. The high degree of success demonstrated by our students is the result of a collaborative focus on rigorous standards, and strong relationships among students, families, and school staff.
Eureka Union School District Vision
The Eureka Union School District is dedicated to developing learned and inspired global citizens. We will provide our students with a dynamic, rigorous education that focuses on collaboration, critical thinking, and character development. Our students will be supported in a nurturing environment that fosters the healthy academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each individual. Our partnership of students, families, educators, and community members encourages creativity and celebrates innovation.
Excelsior Core Beliefs
The following core beliefs guide our work at Excelsior School as a school community:
  • Excelsior School is a safe, dynamic and engaging learning environment for all.
  • Our student culture is one of respect, support, and acceptance, creating a safe and positive climate in which to learn and play.
  • We are a staff that values support; we support our students, our families, and each other.
  • Our work is centered around meeting the needs of our diverse student population and providing opportunities and access for students to be partners in their success.
  • We actively foster family and community involvement within our school in order to strengthen student learning.
Excelsior School Program Highlights:
The Eureka Union School District vision can be seen in action each day at Excelsior, where we strive to provide all of our students with a dynamic education that focuses on important future ready skills. The Excelsior staff continues to seek new and innovative ways to address the state standards while challenging our students to demonstrate and apply the important 21st century skills defined through our Challenge 21 Program: Life and Character skills, Communication and Collaboration skills, Information, Media and Technology skills, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills, and Creativity and Innovation skills. Our classrooms provide future ready learning environments where technology seamlessly enhances daily instruction and learning.
Our Excelsior staff has also focused on providing multiple STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) activities at each grade level in alignment with the standards and our Challenge 21 program, and our students have access to our Creativity and Innovation STEAM Lab where they can create, build, explore, and participate in virtual field trips. 
Our Excelsior community appreciates the importance of the social and emotional health and well-being of our students and we actively help our students develop strong personal skills through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities.  
We are proud to offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities for our students including band, choir, music, drama club, and foreign language classes. Many of our enrichment offerings are available through the generous support of the Eureka Schools Foundation and our Parent Teacher Club. Our school also offers differentiated opportunities for our gifted students through Gifted and Talented Education (GATE).
At Excelsior School we take pride in being a part of a caring school community and in the high-quality educational programs we offer to our students. 
If you have questions about our school please feel free to contact our principal, Dr. Heidi Williams, who would be happy to share more about our school with you!