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Excelsior 6th Grade students participate annually in a residential environmental science camp in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.
The camp goal is to teach to the whole child, including developing:
  • a feeling of personal responsibility to help preserve, conserve, and enhance our environment;
  • heightened observation skills to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the natural world; and
  • a feeling of self-confidence and self-acceptance while also instilling the ability to cooperate with and appreciate the diversity of others.
Classes include:
  • creek ecology or forest ecology
  • geology
  • avian ecology
  • native cultures
  • sensory awareness
  • survival skills
  • team building activities
Students are encouraged to learn by using scientific inquiry, observation skills, cooperative activities, language arts, music, and drama. Knowledge alone, however, will not motivate significant life changes, so an element of caring is woven within every experience.

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